Bakery Roll Proofer Snap-On Individual Replacement Cups

I am an agent of Su-dan Manufacturer in the USA with cost saving replacement cups that can be used for Adamatic roll proofer trays. This product will save 75% over buying new and is available for individual proofer cups plus shipping and handling. You can easily convert your proofer tray to the new replaceable snap on cups in minutes and the only tool needed will be a razor blade holder. For more information, please call me for samples and a brochure on this amazing and money saving product.


-Need for start-up dusting
-Flour and cornmeal requirments
-Clean-up time and clean-up frequency

MESH: Fine Mesh or Coarse Mesh

Constructed with 100% Polyester Mesh that will withstand temperatures up to 490 degrees farenheit.

Designed with snap-in retainer tabs that will not break off and end up in your product.

Will fit a range of intermediate proofer equipment including Adamatic, AMF, Benier, Clock, KB, Kemper, Multifoods, and Oshikiri